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My turn to write in our journal

I’m glad Arthur started this blog journal. The idea was to capture a few thoughts at the end of the day to indicate what we did that day. Not because it is exceedingly interesting, or even interesting at all, but … Continue reading

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Anniversary Weekend

I took Friday off and today we’re in day two of “just us” for the weekend.Sunday will mark 11 years and it hardly seems that long. Often in earlier years we would journey back up to Skagit County where we … Continue reading

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Wastin away … out here in Veganville

Lookin for my lost table salt ….some people say that there’s a woooommmaannn to blame ,but I know ….. it’s my own damn fault. If you lack courage don’t go to RealAge.com You’ll be sorry … but maybe healthier. Lietta … Continue reading

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More bread, more jerky, and online stuff

Completed preliminary work on two new blogs to replace two current blogs eventually. Idea is creation of new blogs more amenable to commercial intent with blogads, amazon books an downloaded E-books and or PDF files created by me and sold … Continue reading

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Saturdays always fun. Sleep in and get creative.

Dallied with online blogs in prep to creating one or two commercial blogs with an attempt at ad revenue, marketing things and books thru Amzaon and prepping to put together E-books and/or pdf files of my writings. These would be … Continue reading

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End of frenetic work week

My office is tiny. At one point years ago there was talk of “foot-printing” the office which meant reducing staff to a size where one or two workers would accept applications and forward to a parent office in Aberdeen. Never … Continue reading

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Jerky, Pizza & Pills

For the past 6-8 months, I have been going without one of my prescription medications, Indomethacin, for help with gout. This is a potent anti-inflammatory drug that is used to combat a gout attack as well as help regulate inflammation … Continue reading

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Wednesday and we started reading

Earlier in the week Lietta and I watched a bio-video of historian Howard Zinn on link TV. If you want to learn something rather than sit in front of the boob tube like a zombie in an opium den, go … Continue reading

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Tuesday and backlog at work

The reason why I take only a week’s vacation at a time is because even after a week, when I return I’m swamped with backlog. Office severely understaffed and unable to cover each other’s caseloads completely. I’ll be playing catch … Continue reading

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Monday: Back to work

Moody morning but off to work on time. Within 15 minutes of arrival and I feel like I lost 9 days of rest to 5 minutes of a familiar grind. Busy all day and facing the worst fall-behind in the … Continue reading

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