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Rural life offer’s MORE choices, not LESS

The link to the entire origianl article is in this post’s title above. The writer, Linsey Knerl – wheverever in rural America she is living – describes herself as a “Stay-at-home Home-Educating Mama of four, I’m just cheap!” The article … Continue reading

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Nutricide – Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs

The video starts off looking like some lecture and I started to hit the stop button, but decided instead to hear it out for a bit, and then I was intrigued. Because she was talking about something as if I … Continue reading

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United States Food Supply in Danger?

I’m not altogether sure that I agree with the slant or bent of why this was posted – as it has a somewhat anti-illegal immigrant cast to it , which I don’t share. But the information pointed out about contaminated … Continue reading

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