Goodbye Google Notebook

Well, I used my Google Notebook pretty extensively.  Today I read that Google is not going to further develop Notebook, and suggests other products.   Too bad, because I liked Notebook.  Quick, easy, and a nifty way to organize loose ends until I could put into my own organizational system.   Interestingly, we just purchased Microsoft Office One Note 2007.   A trial use version had been installed on my laptop and I was messing around with it one day and decided I really liked it.  After so many uses though, since it was ‘trial’, it stopped functioning.  I liked it better than the Google Notebook I was using which is free and we really don’t like the concept of having to purchase products from Microsoft, but I was pretty sold on the Office One Note so we did buy it.   Guess that turns out to be fortuitous, because Google Notebook is choosing to stop development on their great product.  I’ll get to keep what I already have, but won’t be able to add to it or expand it’s use beyond what I already saved and organized.   Still, based on all the comments of disappointment shown at the Google announcement, perhaps they will change their minds and keep the Notebook feature.


Google Killing Dodgeball, Notebook and Other Underperforming Products   which I ran across this morning  at Truemors cued me in. 


Then I go to Google to read it for myself  Stopping development on Google Notebook

where I read through the comments which offered suggestions for alternatives;

Suggestions at the comments include;

Zotero – (a Firefox extension to download) 

Scrapbook – (a Firefox add-on to download)



And of course, while no one suggested it, we bought Office One Note from Microsoft, which we already like very well, so not sure we need another online note organizing thingamabob.

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