Online banking: Convenient but be Wise.

AP Technology writer, Jordan Robertson has an article at today that speaks to this subject.

Reading the entire article is certainly not a waste of time.



“The most paranoid people in the world — computer security experts — say it’s absolutely fine to bank online. As long as you guard against the person who is likely your biggest adversary: yourself.

If you’re banking online, your top priority should be avoid these “phishing” e-mails. They led to an estimated $3.2 billion in consumer losses in 2007.

Avoiding them is simple: don’t click on any links in e-mails sent to you purporting to be from your bank. Open up a separate window in your browser and navigate to the banking site on your own. That’s critical to making sure you’re visiting the authentic site, and will hugely cut your risk of getting hacked.

(2) Where I need self-reform …

People should also take care to not store their banking passwords or other sensitive information about their accounts in e-mail messages, particularly if those e-mail accounts are Web-based.

If you need to write down information like passwords or account numbers to remember them, sometimes pen and paper is the safest way.


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