2006 Specimen Acquisitions

2006 Spring/Summer season

Using this space to list plants purchased this year -2006;

Eastern Snowball (bush/shrub) front yard

Mugho Pine (2) Pumilio mugo pine front raised bed

Hosta (Honeybells) side flower bed

Achilbe (2) lower shaded rock garden and new wheelbarrow garden under maple tree

Poker Plant lower shaded rock garden

Coral Bells – Lilly of the Valley lower shaded rock garden

Elephant ear lower shaded rock garden

Primrose Beauty – Potentilla Futicosa (evergreen shrub/bush – creamy yellow flowers) upper sunny rock garden

Rock Rose (evergreen shrub/bush) upper sunny rock garden

Dwarf Periwinkle (evergreen perennial ground cover) upper sunny rock garden meant to trail down by fenceline

Little Princess Spirea (shrub/bush)

Hebe (check variety – tag said ‘la favourite’

Rubus – Emerald Carpet (ground cover – part shade)

Sedum Gracile (evergreen w/ white flowers, red in summer)

Nordic Holly (sun – sedum?)

Southernwood Artemisia Abrotanum (sun, bitter lemon leaves, use in vinegar and salads)

Sedum Aizoon (yellow flowers 10″ long)

Wormwood Artemisia – Oriental Limelight (sun 3-4′ tall)

Ice Plant (succulent purple/pink flowers ground cover) upper rock garden

Cardinal Flower (perennial, part shade, poisonous)

Verbena – Homestead Purple (spreading perennial, sun) upper rock garden

curly grass (name not known, twisty, curly grass like plant)

Guardian Delphinium (slugs ate it)

Coleus – three varieties

Hibiscus – Luna Red (2) (perennial) front window bed

Sedum – Autumn Joy (2, one in 2005, one in 2006) upper rock garden

Tree Mallow (evergreen perennial shade, delicate everblooming pink flowers) new shade garden in wheelbarrow under maple tree

Bleeding Heart (bush) new shade garden in wheelbarrow under maple tree

– Close out nursery sale – Grayland – scented geraniums, peppermint, orange thyme, asters and ? = planted in white stemmed flower pots

Geraniums (3) in rose pink shades, (4) in gold and rust shades

Heather (3) upper rock garden, and two in camellia flower bed border

Spring/Autumn Heather (4) whiskey barrel, indoors, and 2 in camellia flower bed border

– new whiskey barrel = Eucalyptus tree; foxglove; heather; beach transplants; yellow oriental poppy, spring heather

– new whisky barrel – upright = sedums, and surrounded on sides – need central core plant specimens and then extend this part of the growing out of barrell garden into grass yard.

Eucalyptus tree – front yard

Rose of Sharon – 5 dry root plants from Mom – not seeing anything

Pussywillow tree propagation from Mom seems to have taken. She calls it pussywillow tree = ?

– Propagate experiments this year didn’t work out using the root cutting formula. 2 Cotton lavender propagates seems to have taken.

– Lilac tree; lost two trunks over winter and new sturdy trunk is growing up from center

– Fuschia bush cut back severely and did not suffer – can be cut back severely annually

– vegetable garden was a bust this year – slugs!!! Ate 3 plantings of seeds = zuchinni, cucumbers, squash. Beets grew well and big this year. Tomato plants did well enough. Peas and carrots did well enough. Problem = old seeds and driest summer on record with no rain.

Comfrey/borage planted 3 yrs ago continues to return annually. This year popped up everywhere inside vegetable garden bed and rock garden. Research = these are invasive and impossible to totally rid – underground root spreading system

Japanese flowering cherry (upright) white blooms

hybrid – 3 varieties Apple tree

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