United States Food Supply in Danger?

I’m not altogether sure that I agree with the slant or bent of why this was posted – as it has a somewhat anti-illegal immigrant cast to it , which I don’t share. But the information pointed out about contaminated and compromised food, food recalls is pertinent.

United States Food Supply in Danger?

The latest in the craze of America ‘s food supplies being contaminated. Mini Chip Ahoy Cookies from Nabisco, a Kraft Foods project. A toddler in Texas opened a bag of these cookies for a snack and was surprised by a rat leg, covered in a thin layer of cookie dough and cooked, sealed inside the bag of treats.

But this is just the latest in a rash of food source contamination harming, and even killing Americans this year alone. Since January, 2006 the following food recalls have been issued on a variety of food products. The numbers are startling, the variety of foods involved shocking, the fact that the majority are of the same type of contamination eye-opening.

February 2007:

* Peter Pan Peanut Butter (ConAgra Foods) – Salmonella
* Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food – Botulism bacteria.
* Wellesley Farms Fresh Sliced Mushrooms – E-coli
* Cantaloupes – Salmonella
* Oscar Mayer/Louis Rich Chicken Breast Strips – Listeria (Meningitis) Contamination.
* Wild Kitty Cat Food – Salmonella Contamination


* Chili Powder – Sudan 1 poisoning ( Sudan 1 is a red dye used in coloring solvents, oils, petrols, polishes and waxes)
* Worcestershire Sauce – Due to Chili Powder contamination.
* Garden Leaf Foods “Trader Joe’s – Spicy Thai Style Pasta Salad” – Listeria Monocytogenes contamination (meningitis) . – CA
* Natural State Meat Co – Ground Beef Product Recall – E-Coli
* Gold Star Sausage/Franks – Listeria
* Pap’s Louisiana Cuisine Head Cheese – Listeria

2006 Recalls:

* Cantaloupes – Salmonella – AZ
* Taco Bell Restaurants – E-Coli outbreak
* Frozen strawberry recall (used in Jamba juice, used in fruit smoothies). – Listeria Monocytogenes contamination – Cleugh’s Frozen Foods Inc (SunOpta Inc.) – CA
* Cooked Ham and Turkey – Listeria monocyogenes – HoneyBaked Foods, Inc – OH
* Birds Eye Frozen Cooked Winter Squash – Ammonia contamination – MI
* Little Debbie Nutty Bars – May contain small particles of metal. McKee Foods – TN
* Everyday Value Kalamata Olive Tapenade – May contain glass fragments. – TX
* Spinach – E Coli – Natural Selection Foods – CA
* Almonds – Salmonella – Paramount Farms CA
* Green Leaf Lettuce – E-Coli – CA
* Davis Mountain Beef – E-Coli – Iowa
* Tuscan Sun Turkey Sandwiches – Listeria Monocytogenes – WA
* Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice – botulism – CA
* Salads of the Sea, Hen House, Southern Home, Fisherman’s Market – Krab Dip Supreme, Supreme Krab Dip, Cajun Smoked Salmon Spread, Krab Artichoke Spinach Dip, Krab Dip, Cajun Krab Dip, Jalapeno Krab Dip, Cajun Crawfish Salad, Smoked Salmon Flavored Spread. – Listeria Monocytogenes contamination – TX

* Classic Salads – Baby Spinach/Spring Mix Recall – Salmonella – CA
* Stouffer’s Meatloaf – pieces of plastic – Nestle Prepared Foods – SC
* Spring Hill Cheeses – Listeria
* Cahill’s Farm Porter Cheese – Listeria MO
* Thumann’s Inc Boneless Prosciutto – straphylococcus aureus enterotoxin.
* Caribbean Dreams Cerasee Tea – Salmonella
* Moveable Feast Smoked Scottish/Smoked Norwegian Salmon – Salmonella – NJ
* H.E.B. Baby Food/Mom’s Organic Choice – pieces of glass.
* Gentlease powdered infant formula – metal particles
* Lean Cuisine Asian Style Pot Stickers – plastic particles. – Nestle Prepared Foods – SC
* Herman Falter Smoked Pork Neck Bones/Jowls/ Frankfurters/ Italian Sausage – Liseria – OH
* Krisp-Pak Fresh Fruit – Listeria
* Reese’s Shell Topping – Salmonella
* Omaha Beef Company – Beef Products – E-Coli
* Ballard’s Farm Sausage – Macaroni Salad, Cole Slaw, Egg Salad – Listeria
* Portillo’s Food Service – Roast beef – Listeria
* Jim’s Market and Locker Ground Beef – E-Coli.
* Monterey Mushrooms – Listeria
* Dinner Bell Beef – E-Coli
* Fullei Fresh Alfalfa Sprouts – Salmonella
* Southeastern Meats Ground Beef – E-Coli
* Plains Meat Ground Beef – E-Coli
* Orientex Manila Style Hot Dogs – Listeria
* George G. Ruppersberger and Son’s Inc Ground Beef – E-Coli.
* House of Thaller, Kroger Brand, Mrs. Gerry Dairy Fresh, The Fresh Market, Southern Gourmet, Southern Style, Ham salad, chicken salad, turkey salad, tuna salad, seafood salad, pea salad – Poisoning/bacteria.
* Ground beef recall to restaurants and institutions in Arkansas , Kansas , Oklahoma , Missouri – E-Coli
* Jimmy Dean and State Fair Cheeseburgers – Listeria
* Town and Country Foods, Ham salad – Listeria
* Griffin’s Pork Barbeque – Listeria
* Whole Catch Lemon Pepper Garlic Hot Smoked Trout – Listeria
* JHC Brand Cooked Seasoning Anchovy – Salmonella
* Quaker Maid Meats Frozen Beef Patties – E-Coli
* Fortuna Sea Products Frozen Cooked Clam Meat – Salmonella
* Dole Lettuce Salad – E-Coli

This is more then coincidence. With American’s dependency on pre-processed and pre-packaged food sources nearly complete, and along with it just as dependent upon the government to insure the consumption of this food is safe for
them and their family. This makes for a toxic cocktail to the safety of Americans. It is not surprising in some fashions to the finding of a rat leg in a bag of Chip Ahoys when one considers the all sources involved before this food is able to come to our stores, homes and consumption.

According to a report on _www.wehirealiens. com_ (http://www.wehirealiens.com/) , Kraft Foods is a known illegal alien employer in their South Carolina processing plant. They also are listed as having several processing plants in Mexico which package pre-packaged food products for human consumption. Mexico is not known for its strict food processing laws like found in the United States , another reason many food companies chose to outsource their processing, packaging and production plants there. Kraft itself has various plants in the following locations:

Kraft Food Plants – Ecatepec , Mexico
Nabisco Food Plants – Guatemala City , San Jose , Costa Rica

Other food processing companies who take advantage of Mexico ‘s cheap
labor and lenient food processing laws are:
* Ralston Purina
* Pilgrim’s Pride
* CPC International
* Philip Morris (Kraft General Foods)
* Campbell Soup
* Pepsi Co
* Quaker Oats
* Universal Foods
* Coca Cola
* Bordon
* Kellogg
* Hershey Foods
* McCormick & Co
* Gerber Products
* Tyson Foods
* Sara Lee
* RJR Nobisco
* Cargiel/Excell
* J.R. Simplot
* Frito Lay (part of Pepsi)

(from Old Ways Living yahoo group)

posted by Lietta Ruger

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