Growing Sprouts in the Kitchen

This crosses over to ‘gardening’ somewhat, but it is more in the kitchen, so I’ll put it on this blog. It will be time now to think vegetable garden, yard, gardening and time to make my garden blog, Wonderwander go to work. For now though, it seems to make sense to me to put Growing Sprouts on this blog. Now I need to do a tad bit more research for the how to steps and start growing sprouts in my kitchen.

From a poster at a listserv I’m subscribed to – thanks shout out to Maven:

Sprouts anyone?

Alfalfa (not the best choice, but the best known), broccoli, mung bean, cabbage, radish, wheat, sunflower, and the ever-popular chai are all great as sprouts and very, very healthy. All you need is a mason jar, rubber band, seeds, coffee filter, and a sink. You get a crop every 3 or 4 days. In fact, they are considered enzyme and nutrient dense super-foods.

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