Plus and Minus concerns in buying the house

Identifying plus elements and problem issues when considering buying this house. We began our house-hunting in Aug 2002.


— quiet neighborhood, quiet community, not even one store in the whole village!
— attractive tiled tin roof (pacific nw rains = cost saver for roofing woes!)
— upgrades give house old and new decor mix without compromising historical context
— repetitious bay windows give light and let the outdoors inside
— structurally sound, initial cost outlay for structurally improvements minimal
— built on additions in kitchen and master bedroom provide spacious rooms for those areas
— upstairs rooms haven’t been upgraded much, historical feel to the rooms, throwback to early 1900’s
— yard is manageable with some mature focus specimen plantings
— architecture of house w/ additions gives it unique look
— wiring updated and up to code
— plumbing is satisfactory
— basement = spooky but Arthur finds it fascinating
— price is right for our budget


— berber carpet on main floor rooms is beyond salvaging, so badly stained, unlikely can get cleaned = deal w/ flooring.
— renovations seem structurally sound, little attention to finishing details however, gives it gerry-rigged appearance
— renovations done in 1970’s give seriously dated and tired look = stairs, upstairs flooring like glue down carpeting – 70’s restaraunt era; brown shag on stairs -yuck!
— heating; primary heat is a newly installed wood-burning furnace under the house w/ chimney that screams at me’unsafe’. secondary heating; registers installed in each room, inadequate in some rooms to heat the space.
— decking on which addition has been builtwill need immediate attention, peeling rubber cement exposes wood to Pacific NW rains.
— front of house; not welcome, functional, or practical entry. Needs a porch and front door re-do
— back porch – enclosed and rusticly ‘finished’ also unwelcome and serves as main entrance to the house due to the impractical front entrance planning.
— unclear once carpets pulled up, what lies beneath = prepare for cost outlay
— kitchen could use an update, was updated to 1970’s cosmetics, but is more than adequate for years until we have cost outlay $$

Generally speaking, there are about even number of drawbacks as there are positives that make this house worth considering. Biggest drawback is that house would benefit from renovations and improvements w/ cost outlay – not likely in our budget.

Thus, after carefully considering if I could live in the house ‘as is’ for perhaps years until we could get to renovations/improvements, I honestly wasn’t sure and thought we should continue to keep looking. My dear husband is more of a handyman than he is into renovations or improvements, so unlikely we could knowledgeably take on too many diy projects. My husband became instantly enchanted with the house, and while I was also ‘enchanted’ by what I could see in my mind as what the house might look like ‘someday’, I was concerned about what it looks like present day and our capability w/ diy improvements. The diy upgrades and improvements made to the house look like diy .. sometimes gone wrong or unfinished.

We discussed, and discussed, while I fed my fears and Arthur tried to reassure my every concern. We decided to buy the house, inspections came back approved for wiring, plumbing, septic, structure and whatever else gets inspected in mortgage arrangements. Nov 2002 is when we moved into the house. If we had the resources to take care of some of the improvement projects before moving in, might have been a better way to go, but that is why it is an adventure and now in 2006, we both love living in this house!

entry by Lietta Ruger – the woman of the house!

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