Adventures in living in an old house surrounded by water.

Welcome to our Bay Tower Home in Bay Center, Washington on the Willapa Bay.

Arthur, Lietta and Jake

We’re the homesteaders in what some residents consider to be “God’s Valium” (cause it’s so quiet most of the time.)
After years of renting beach houses on weekends and vacations, we finally bought our own beach house as our permanent residence.
Bay Center is an old fishing village on a finger of land that juts out into the center of Willapa Bay on the Washington Coast. We’re 45 miles north of the mouth of the Columbia River and about the same distance due south on Hwy 101 from Aberdeen, Washington.
Well, if you drive south east 125 miles you’ll be in Portland and to the northeast some 150 miles is Seattle.
Bay Center ain’t no city. From our house if you go 4 blocks east or west you’ll be in the Willapa Bay. If you head north you’ll be in the woods on the tip of Goose Point. If you head due south 4 blocks from our house you’ll be at the only dining facility within 15 miles.

Bay Center (the house is inside the small elipse in the center of the foto)

on Goose Point

Entry by Arthur Ruger, I’m half as old as my house.

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