Privatizing the Columbia Gorge forestland

Privatizing the Columbia Gorge Posted by Picasa

More information at link DK.

From Friends of the Columbia Gorge:

The US Forest Service is proposing to put 300,000 acres of what they call “disposable public lands” out to the highest bidder, including 730 acres in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. […]

Properties on both sides of the Columbia Gorge are named on the potential sale list. These include lands in Corbett, above Sheppard’s Dell and near Cascade Locks in Oregon. On the Washington side, land near Cape Horn, Wind Mountain and above the flooded Celilo Falls would be available to the highest bidder.

The Columbia Gorge is one of the crown jewels of the Pacific Northwest. (Even Reagan apparently recognized this, as it was in 1986 that the Gorge was named as the first National Scenic Areas.) And, bizarrely, even someone in THIS Administration seems to recognize its worth:

Ironically, the President’s 2007 budget also calls for $1 million for further land acquisition in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

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