Winter Breezes

Here in my quaint old fashioned home, in the Village, as I wander from room to room going about my daily business (whatever that might be on any given day), I am continually struck by how this house was put together. There are windows everywhere, in great part, due to the continually remodelling and upgrades over the years.

We didn’t do the alterations, we bought the house as is, so to speak. I can look outside everywhere I wander in this great ol’ house. It never ceases to catch my breath. I open windows and doors to let in the winter breezes and love the feeling of fresh air on my face, letting the outside in. I feel like I’m in the control center of our little neighborhood when I’m in my house, as I can see outside in every direction and know what is going on out there.

It’s taken a couple of years to get the house put together in a satisfactory way that accomodates our furnishings and our lifestyle. What that means is that I’ve rearranged the rooms in this house so many times now, it’s taken on it’s own life since we moved in a little over 2 years ago. I can now remember when this particular room housed the grandchildren, and before that it was my painting studio room, and before that it was a guest room. It goes like that for each room in the house.

Today the winter winds are blowing, and I’ve got Tim Janis CD playing as I type, life is a good as it can get in this moment. Those are the small wonders I am trying to look for now in a world gone over to the dark side.

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