Lance happy, New Home for Nutcrackers and other stuff

So Lance, the cat, is happy here. We have bit of a routine going now. I made a place for him on the porch where his food and litter box are conveniently close by but he doesn’t have to stay outside. He is in the house mostly, but I put him out regularly and at night time he can be inside, sleeps on our bed.

He is adjusting to the new routine, I think, as he will now indicate to me when he wants to go outside. Jake, our dog, still isn’t happy one little bit about sharing porch space with a cat, but sullen as Jake is, he is also adjusting.

My collection of nutcrackers are Very Happy in their new home, and I love the lighted cabinet that sets them all off. They are close by my computer to keep me company, and as the sun goes down, the lighted cabinet also works as a sweet bit of night light.

Sweetie, with his new computer for Christmas, was off work an extra day. He is obsessive about the puter as I am, so we spent a leisurely day, him on his puter, me on “mine”. He sits a room across from me where we can both see each other and talk to each other and it is sooooooooo coool. We really are a couple of geeks.

The tsunami news is continuing today, as the death toll rises, and it is so tragic. I was talking to Sweetie, and telling him if we get an earthquake/tsunami here in tsunami county, I’m not sure we really know what to do. From what I hear, there are sensor warnings set across the Pacific Rim = Alaska, Canada, US west coastline and the down the Pacific islands. Supposedly these will signal a problem and the Sensor Watch Center in Palmer, Alaska would send out warnings. Okay…but to whom, and how? On the radio, tv, internet, ham radio? I mean, if I don’t have radio or tv on, then how would we know?

So I guess the rule of thumb is if I feel the earth start shaking, I’m to get in the car and get to one of the tsunami direction signs towards high ground. Hmmm, okay, both routes out of here go directly by the water/bay and river. Wonder if I can even get out of here if there would be a tsunami.

Then, we are likely supposed to have an emergency kit with water, raingear, blankets, food. I guess I better get busy and make us an emergency kit to keep in the car. I really think Sweetie and I ought to take this bit more serious and do some more specific planning for what to do …. in case ….

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