Lance is Back! Sitting on my lap as I type.

Well, we “placed” the cat Lance, who was “fostering” with us about 2 months ago with my other daughter’s family. The “placement” just didn’t work out so she brought him back here to us. I’m not disappointed either, as I got quite fond of Lance, so here he is sitting on my lap again as I type.

The trouble with the placement was that my daughter’s family has another cat, Georgette, who is kind of a mean cat, but not to them and she and Lance just never did hit it off. So ol’ Lance developed some bad behaviour problems, ie, not using cat box at all and staying in his safe zone which was a very limited space. He got fat cause he wasn’t running around, just staying in his safe zone under the kitchen table.

I’m gonna have to break him now of his bad behaviour with not using kitty litter box plus run him around outside to work off some of his body weight. They tried, bless their hearts, they tried everything they could think of to get Lance comfortable, but he just wasn’t “taking” to the placement at all.

Since they were coming here for a holiday visit, they brought Lance along on that 7 hour trip. And I knew they were bringing him. But I didn’t tell Sweetie, cause I knew Sweetie would not want him back and I was trying to figure out a way to tell him I agreed to take Lance back. I couldn’t find a good argument or logic for my case, so when the kids arrived and Lance came bounding in, Sweetie was pleased to see Lance. Cause he thought Lance was just along for the ride and they were going to take him back home with them.

They were sorta surprised at how receptive Sweetie was, until he learned Lance was staying, then they were surprised at how Sweetie lost his composure and couldn’t find the words. I had to explain to him that I knew but hadn’t told him, and they thought I would have told him. Sweetie went off to bed, he just didn’t know what to say!

Now it’s been 2 days and nites, and we set Lance up on the porch till his cat box behavior can be corrected. Jake, our dog, is very unhappy about it and is pouting big time now. But Lance is so happy to be “home” again and bounding about the house. They told me that he is a completely different cat here than when he was at their house and it is very apparant that he likes it here much better. And I like having him “home”.

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