Thought the thunder was a tsunami today!

Thank you all for visiting my new blog and leaving a comment, makes me smile Big, cheers me up a lot and I appreciate it very much.

Wow!! It was raining again today, and then flashes of lightening but what followed then blew me away. There was thunder like I’ve never heard before and it sounded like it was coming from the water on the bay. And it rumbled so loud and so long, I had to hurry over to the windows to make sure a tidal wave wasn’t coming at me. Man….that was scarey. Real scarey.

There was no change in the water on the bay though, no tsunami, and I could relax a bit, but the thunder kept rolling Loud and Long and it was unlike any I’ve heard before. It was awesome and frightening all at once. Jake wasn’t too happy about it, so he came inside to hide under the desk where I am busy on computer.

Then it all cleared away and the sun came out for about 20 minutes, just like a summer day. Quickly the sun left though replaced by the gray, but no rain, just those heavy clouds that threaten to drop more rain.

There was windstorm last night, which tv news said was coming, and we know what to expect with windstorms here. But the thunder this afternoon was way beyond normal for around here. I thought the earth was splitting open! Really!

Okay, I declined an invitation from Sweetie today to meet him for lunch cause I knew the Conyers Hearing on Vote Fraud was going to happen today and I wanted to see it. Well geez, I checked into my morning forums, and the DU (Democratic Underground) had fresh post saying that Pacifica Radio (online) was covering it now … 7 AM. So I quick brought up the audio and listened along, taking notes like crazy.

Then someone posted the C-Span was also covering it, and provided the link to the video/audio so I went and got that and sent out an email ‘heads up’ to my addy list, + posted to the family sites. And now I have to update all my serious blogs as this is important now as entered into Congressional record, part of American history.

So if you want to follow my activity on vote fraud, see one of my other blogs (links to the left; Blue Tones, On the Horizon, Bludayz…and if you want to follow the war in Iraq, troops, see my blog Dying to Preserve the Lies). I don’t want to clutter up this blog with too much of the serious stuff, but it was an important day today with the Conyers Hearing and one I (along with thousands of other online bloggers in the blogosphere working our brains and fingers on vote fraud 2004) have been waiting for now for about 4 + weeks. Since we know mainstream media isn’t covering it, we have become the Media. Gram’s a journalist now, a about

Well that’s it for today. Thanks everyone for visiting my newest blog here, Gram’s Gems. And there are links to the left to other family blogs, Bree, Randa. How come the rest of ya aren’t blogging…lol ?

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