Arthur Birthday 2004

Woo hoo, Arthur is a Happy Camper, Birthday Dad gets new computer game, Age of Mythology, from his daugther Cheri’ Ann. Also a lovely birthday card with one of her stunning photos! Her card says since he gifted his Age of Empires game to granddaughter, she is gifting him with latest version = Age of Mythology. Thanks Cheri, for making me a computer game widow now for another 6 Great gift, he is very, very touched by your thoughtful attention to the details of his life. You sure know how to pick em and … what can I say, as usual, on the exact day. Arrived by Federal Express at about 1 pm today. Dad says to tell you he can’t smile a toothy grin, got a little dental problem to clear up..but he’s smiling as big as he can in the pic. We love you Cheri.. Posted by Hello
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